Earthlink is based in Ahmedabad and takes pride for being the best Foreign Education Consultant in the city.

Earthlink has a strong infrastructural base right from its inception. With business associates spread all over Gujarat and India in areas like Gandhinagar, Kadi, Mehsana, Nadiad, Anand, Vidhyanagar, Rajkot, Baroda, Himmatnagar, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Surat, Patan, Navsari, Vapi and Sabarkantha, the team has a deep-rooted network operating from the head office in Ahmedabad. Our network spreads all over India including Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi and other parts of India. We also have a specialized office in UK to enhance our services.

Earthlink has a team of highly skilled and experienced counsellors, who provide the best forms of guidance and assistance with the help of their vast practical experience. They provide personal attention to each individual student, thus, helping him or her to choose the best career option according to their individual requisites.

We have well-qualified and efficient staff. In order to maximize efficiency and productivity they work according to the policy of division of labour and skills. The head office handles all the correspondence with institutions and high commissions. The counsellors of the company provide personal guidance to the staff, thus, helping them to remain focused.

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted Foreign Education consultant in Ahmedabad, Earthlink is your answer!!


Regular Presentations -
We, at Earthlink organize regular presentation / seminar on “Foreign Education” and guide students regarding:

  • Education System in Foreign Countries
  • Procedure for Admission and Visa
  • Available Finance Options
  • Permitted Part Time jobs and earning
  • Career Opportunities
  • Different Types and Level of Courses and Institutions
  • Accommodation Facility and Living style
  • Cost of Study
  • Future Prospects

Counselling is the golden key to success for any education consultant. The appropriate and unbiased counselling certainly helps the students not to deviate from their path and stop running around. Looking at this, Earthlink has set its motto to strictly adhere to ethical practices in counselling. It is very important to have first hand knowledge about the country and the education provided by different institutions. Earthlink lays heavy emphasis on procuring maximum information regarding the country and the institutions it is representing by personally keeping in contact with these universities and interacting with the faculties. This can be possible mainly because the counsellors are mainly based in London and have the first hand information and practical experience of the ins and outs of the education and living style in foreign country.

Extensive knowledge of all universities that we deal with around the globe is also a result of :

  • Personal meeting with staff of International office and admission officers
  • Touring the university campuses
  • Exploring the environments for the ‘Indian’ requirements

These research help the company in properly guiding its students about what to expect from these places.

Major exhibitions and presentation programs are organized in all its offices throughout the year where all the course material and information of the universities is given and explained. Serious up to date information is circulated among the students.

Further, we provide updated guidance regarding the Financial Requirements of the respective High Commission. We also help students in assessing different sources of Finance.

The counsellors’ vast practical knowledge of foreign education system greatly helps them in building up confidence in the students and guiding them on deciding their career path.

  • All prospective students who contact Earthlink for the first time are invited for a one-on-one evaluation wherein first hand knowledge about the importance of foreign education, procedural requisites, requirement in English proficiency, general information about studying overseas, and expenses are provided. Students who are keen to go abroad for further studies and who wish to be counselled in more detail are then invited for a one –to-one counselling.
  • The students’ academic background, English proficiency and the aptitude are assessed. On the basis of this assessment they are offered options in courses as well as information about the profile of the institutions. Students are then provided with information about admission procedure and English exams (IELTS and TOEFL).
  • When the students’ admission procedure is underway, they are then explained the requirements of home office for visa documentation. They are also provided with formats of necessary documents, and assisted in preparing their files. Further, they are also provided IELTS coaching and/or English coaching classes as per their English proficiency.
  • The final and the most important step is the orientation programme, which is conducted after the students get their visas. All crucial points related to important areas are covered in this programme. Besides, the students are also guided on vital matters like what they should carry, information about international flights, airport pick up, accommodation arrangements, part-time jobs, transportation, banking, immigration laws, taxation, medical facilities, food, university facilities and so on. All students attending the orientation programme are thus provided with an opportunity to get to know each other well.
  • The initial three months are very crucial for all students regardless of their age. Earthlink makes sure that they are well informed and taken care of even after reaching abroad. The orientation programme is only the prime step towards achieving this motive. The Unique Selling Point of Earthlink is that our network expands upto the foreign country. Thus, not only can we provide guidance during the visa processing but also after reaching there. We arrange airport pick-up, affordable accommodation facilities, banking and travelling arrangements, thus, assist students in getting well adapt with all the day-to-day arrangements in foreign country. Further, the new students are given the contact numbers, addresses and e-mail ids of students already studying abroad. Thus, it is our motto to provide a helping hand for all students, whether for finding future career prospects or to merge in a new advanced atmosphere.

Vast experience and personal exposure to the educational environment and life abroad Our counsellors, having closely worked in London have the first hand information of the educational environment of each university abroad. They are very well aware of the lifestyles and all other aspects of the studying abroad. Hence, they give students the actual and correct information and guidance.

Well Equipped Office set up with highly professional and qualified office assistants;

Separate Presentation room;

Separate Display area and reading section;

Classroom for IELTS Coaching and practice.


To stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment, it is essential for a firm to hold on to a certain lasting values. We have evolved certain principles.

  • To ensure that students are provided with a consistent quality of service and sound professional advice, our target/achievement lies in the satisfaction of our students.
  • To create, in staff, an awareness of quality at all stages of an assignment.
  • To ensure that decisions are taken quickly and efficiently.
  • We accomplish this not only through the experience of our professional staff but also by matching specific expertise to the assignment in hand.

What students can expect from Earthlink:

Free Counseling : Extensive one to one counseling to help you select the right course at the most suitable colleges/universities, using our database with details on courses and our well resourced reference libraries. Earthlink provides all the information to students and their parents free of charge.

IELTS/ PTE / Spoken English coaching: Earthlink provides IELTS /PTE/ Spoken English coaching to students, as these tests form an integral requisite for admission and visa for many countries.

Assistance in securing admission in the chosen University: Earthlink assists students to get admission in reputed colleges and universities. Admission is guaranteed in most of the colleges and universities represented by Earthlink as we evaluate each student’s profile in-depth and guide them for making the correct choice.

Assistance for visa file preparation and interview: Expert Student visa counseling to help you secure visa and enable you to study in the country of your choice. Earthlink has been highly successful with student visas, with success rate over 95% on an average over the last few years.

Pre-departure briefings : Pre-departure briefings to help students prepare for going to the UK for higher studies. In addition to seminars we also provide students with access to a wealth of information to help them prepare for going to the UK.

Airport pick And Accommodation: Earthlink assists to arrange airport pick up and accommodation facilities for students in the foreign country.

Ongoing support while abroad. Post arrival services to ensure you do not have any problems when you arrive in the foreign land. This is done through our representatives in the countries and helps to ensure that you have a friendly hand during the early stages when things may be unfamiliar. Our representative will help you to find part-time job opportunities and career progression opportunities.

Earthlink, thus proves to be the one stop destination for all your foreign study requisites.

Please contact us for further details.